RueOne operates as an independent private equity firm and utilizes a innovative platform that gives you direct access to our global investor network of institutional investors and family offices so you can raise capital quickly and efficiently. No need for lengthy road shows. We raise private equity style capital that is locked-up on a deal by deal basis.

Our institutional quality investment platform gives you additional credibility and infrastructure, while you retain the ability to build your brand. RueOne invests on a principal basis in every transaction and is not a placement agent or broker-dealer.

Benefits of our Approach

Our extensive distribution network greatly reduces investor touch points allowing sponsors to focus on what they do best – investing.

Monetize Your Deal Flow

  • Monetize excess capacity, no need to leave investments unfunded
  • Monetize “one-off” deal flow outside of existing fund mandate
  • Free up capital by syndicating existing transactions

Streamline Investor Interactions

  • Our process reduces investor touch points & due diligence process
  • We handle accreditation verification, compliance & investor relations
  • Marketing we provide enables sponsors to build their brands

Access Superior Structuring

  • Collect carry on each individual deal instead of overall fund performance
  • Simple investment and tax reporting
  • Investments structured to properly match assets and liabilities

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